When you want to experience all-day comfort and support with Dansko’s iconic clogs, here is the way Dansko clogs are designed to fit.

REMEMBER! Most people have two different sized feet. Be sure to try on both clogs and fit them to the larger foot.




At The Barn, we pride ourselves for offering the LARGEST SELECTION of shoe types, brands, categories – and even custom sizes for those with different size feet! We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE each and every one of our customers to get a custom fit before making any purchase.  After all – if the shoe fits – you will wear it!


We will assist you with choosing the right shoe.  We can offer you tips and pointers to ensure that you are getting the best  fit. In keeping with our commitment to provide the best customer experience possible, we feel that it is vital our customers are provided with essential show knowledge to make an informed purchase. Please check out our glossary of shoe terms prior to your visit.  By familiarizing yourself with the various components of a shoe – you will be able to alert your salesman of exactly what features you seek.