Iconic Dansko Shoes Featured In New York Times Style Magazine

O.k., full disclosure… I didn’t quite get the Dansko phenomenon. Lots of friends of mine wear them and have loved them forever. I have size 9, long skinny feet and didn’t need anything bulky on my already oversized canoes. I couldn’t be swayed. Then, after years of agony working on my feet as a fashion stylist, I was converted. Working 8-10 hour days on my feet on unforgivable concrete floors of  photography studios, I tried every style of shoe to help my tired, achy back and sore feet make it through the long days. I was surrounded by Danskos everywhere on set– photographers, stylists, hair and makeup stylists, producers, you name it. My fashionista ego finally broke down and I got myself a new pair of these iconic brown nubuck Dansko clogs. Sold!

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Twelve years later, I still slide into these comfortable shoes like a pair of dear old slippers and have never looked back. Check out this New York Times article about this ode to Dansko shoes. Danskos saved me. I now own two pair– my original brown ones and my “dress” ones– a stylish pair of black patent leather clogs. I’m no longer a fashion stylist, but they are my go-to’s whether I’m running errands, going to yoga, or going to be on my feet all day (hello prepping in the kitchen all day when hosting a holiday dinner). There honestly is nothing like the unique Dansko technology. Seriously. Check out more Dansko styles on our website.

Recently, the Sunday New York Times Style section highlighted just what makes these “Unfashionable” shoes so “In Vogue.” They are the work horse of shoes bar none and have endeared themselves to both early adopters and converts like me. They are like an old, loyal, steady friend who will never let you down. Thank you Dansko.  You are the real deal. You continue to deliver the classics as well as updated, innovative styles with the same uber technology.  Read more here.

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  1. Eshika Roy
    Eshika Roy says:

    It is true that no shoe can match the comfort level of Dansko. It is the ideal shoe for those people who spend a lot of time walking around or on their feet. A sturdy pair of these shoes is perfect to keep your feet in the perfect condition. Looking forward to read your next post.


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